John Goodinson is a graphic designer with an extensive field
 of knowledge and experience in typography, illustration, 3D
 modelling and graphic art. From a career starting as an 'in-house
' designer at a large engineering company producing technical manuals and exhibition graphics - 
to art and company director, then business partner before  a career path as a freelance designer

A career in the 'creative arts' has, over the years expanded 
to work in every field of design. This is seen in my work in the print 
industry working as a freelance designer and art-director. 
It also led to my career in feature film title design. More recently 
a specialist in the recreation of architecture from classic Greek and Roman antiquity - see menu: 'CLASSICS'.

A Career in Title Design

In the twenty years between 1982 and 2002 I had the great opportunity as a graphic designer to work with many of the most respected and creative individuals in the world of feature film production, situated in the heart of UK post production world: Soho, London. The experience of working with these companies in optical film effects was a lesson in the art - some would say 'magic' - of film post production. They were at that time, the best visual effects teams operating (this was before digital effects started to dominate). I left the UK film industry and post production in 2000, although I did continue as a freelance artist working until 2002.

To see a selection of my title work, see menu above: working in film.

NOTE: website is updated continually.