Cleopatra. Directed by: Frank Roddam.

Cleopatra had high production values for the 1999 ABC television network miniseries. The title sequence was originally commissioned by the director for graphic designer Richard Morrison. However Richard was busy and briefed me to contribute concepts. What then started out as a ‘joint project between us’ soon became a major title design for me. Richard also contributed ideas and concepts and liaised with the director. What was finally chosen for the opening title sequence was my design: the dark intro digital painting and typography (Albertus) set the style. The main title itself was created in Photoshop using Albertus. At the time of post production I was liaising with assembly editor Kate Buckland as well as additional briefing from Richard. I was also partly working from home on my Mac G3 (using a 56k modem) to send in design concepts - as I had a bad case of the flu!

Titles and Opticals: Cine Image Film Opticals.