Gothic. Directed by: Ken Russell

I had the opportunity to meet Ken Russell when Peter Govey was commissioned to design and produce the title sequence. As I had just relocated from Soho to Southwark (after selling my business ‘Hieroglyphics’  to expand into ‘Hieroglyphics - version two’) I was too busy to attend. I now regret not meeting the iconic Ken Russell. However Peter briefed me and together we designed the opening credits. This was one of a series of title sequences I produced collaborating with Peter Govey Film Opticals. Peter Govey was and is a legendary optical effects cameraman who left GSE to start his own company - located in central London at the Hat Factory, Hollen Street, W1 (which is where I was also located as Hieroglyphics). Together with Aerial Image film opticals (Nick and Ronnie Wass) our ‘Triumvirate’ provided a full service for titles and optical visual effects for the film industry in the early 1980’s. This was well before digital effects came to dominate. I worked with Peter for over six years (Hieroglyphics) and later on as a freelance graphic designer.

Titles and opticals: Peter Govey Film Opticals.