Leaving Las Vegas. Directed by: Mike Figgis.

I met Mike Figgis at the 'White house' edit suit with Mike's editor John Smith, together with Martin Bullard, 
then senior partner (and vfx camerman) at Cine image. Mike gave me a completely 'open brief' and encouraged me to develop my own ideas.

 After this meeting I story-boarded the concept that was then put into production and optically created - at Cine image.
 Both Martin Bullard and myself - together with his co directors created what was to become the iconic 'glittering' animated
 typography over the helicopter night sequence of Las Vegas. An accidental kick of the camera when filming the
 night time fly-over provided us with the 'whip-pan' which we seized upon - and used to visually underscore 
the main title.

Above: stills from the animated main title sequence.

 The film won best actor. My next project with Mike was One Night Sand - which was once again 'hand-lettering' especially created for the complete title sequence.

Below: the animated main title and whip-pan helicopter shoot.

The typography of the main titles was all 'hand lettering', created by hand and designed character by character until
I had created a complete font. The final individual title cards were assembled by 'hand and eye' using a process camera 
to duplicate the alphabet. This is shown below.

Below: the main title storyboard concept.

Above: the actual 'hand' lettering artwork for Mike's directorial credit and the main title.